Campership Program

What is a Campership?

A Thousand Summers is committed to eliminating barriers so that all kids have the opportunity to experience camp.

Camp tuition can be out of reach for most families. The Campership Program brings the camp experience to youth who qualify that would not otherwise have access to a high-quality camp experience. Partial and Full Camperships are available based on level of need.

What does a Partial Campership cover?

A Partial Campership covers camp tuition after the family contribution. The family contribution is determined based on family income on the Income Eligibility Chart.

What does a Full Campership cover?

A Full Campership covers camp tuition after the family contribution. The family contribution is determined based on family income on the Income Eligibility Chart.

A Full Campership also offers assistance with:

What Campership Programs are available?

The First Summer Campership Program is for an applicant seeking A THOUSAND SUMMERS funding for the first time. Applications are due December 1st. Late applications will be considered for the waitlist.

The Renewal Campership Program is for a returning applicant seeking A THOUSAND SUMMERS funding for the summer of camp during which they will be any age other than 15 years of age.  Applications are due November 1st.

The Capstone Campership Program is for a returning applicant seeking A THOUSAND SUMMERS funding for the summer of camp during which they will be 15 years of age. The Capstone Program has a service project requirement. Applications are due October 15th.

All program applications are available beginning September 1st.

Do I qualify?

Qualified applicants will be:

  • 10 years old or older by the first day of camp
  • From a family with income represented on the Income Eligibility Table
  • A resident of the contiguous United States of America

Successful applicants will be:

  • Comfortable being away from home for up to 4 weeks
  • Open to growth in the areas of Friendship Skills, Independence, Teamwork, Interest in Exploration, Responsibility, Affinity for Nature and Problem-Solving

How do I apply?

Camper application steps infographic

Step 1: Designate a Mentor
Review the Mentor requirements and invite a qualified individual to serve as your Mentor. Contact the A THOUSAND SUMMERS Campership Office for assistance as needed.

Step 2: Collect Mentor Contact Information
Collect the following information to enter into the Campership application:

  • Mentor first and last name
  • Mentor mailing address
  • Mentor email address
  • Mentor phone number

Step 3: Collect Reference Contact Information

The A THOUSAND SUMMERS First Summer Campership Applicant is required to have two A THOUSAND SUMMERS Reference Forms submitted on their behalf. The first reference must be a current or former teacher. The second reference can be a teacher or non-familial youth development professional (coach, scout leader, clergy, etc.).

Collect the following information for EACH reference to enter into the Campership application:

  • Reference first and last name
  • Reference email address
  • Reference phone number

Step 4: Complete the Online Application

Step 5: Complete Online Forms and Documents

What is a Mentor?

The Mentor provides support to the Campership applicant and their family throughout the Campership application process. They assist award recipients in preparation for camp, advising through the Capstone Service Project requirements (when applicable), and assist with post camp requirements. The Mentor plays an essential role in the ‘check and balance’ system A THOUSAND SUMMERS has developed to ensure we are serving those for whom the Campership was designed.

All A THOUSAND SUMMERS Mentors must be screened and approved by completing the Volunteer Application.

Who can become my Mentor?

Mentors may be veteran volunteers for A THOUSAND SUMMERS that work within a school or partnering youth organization. They may also be a person selected by the applicant who is willing to become an A THOUSAND SUMMERS volunteer.

Campership Program Timeline

  • Submit Campership Application
  • Campership Awards Finalized / Campership Agreements Signed
  • Pay Campership Program Fees

  • Submit Camp Application
  • Finalize Camp Travel Arrangements
  • Obtain Camp Equipment
  • Make Camp Payment

  • Attend Camp!
  • Complete Post Camp Requirements
  • Settle Any Camp Accounts
  • Re-Enroll For Next Summer


  • Campership application is available online from September 1st (hard copy available upon request)
  • Applicant and family complete the Campership application and required forms
  • Mentor assists applicant and family with application and forms, as needed


  • Capstone Campership application deadline –  October 15th


  • Renewal Campership application deadline – November 1st


  • First Summer Campership application deadline – December 1st
  • Capstone campers begin service project with Mentor’s support


  • Campership decision letters sent to the family and copied to the Mentor
  • Camper family returns signed Campership Agreement to the A THOUSAND SUMMERS office
  • Set up payment plan to ensure family portion of tuition is paid in full to A THOUSAND SUMMERS by due date


  • Complete camp enrollment on camp website
  • Late First Summer and Renewal Campership applications considered for waitlist


  • Airline transportation for qualifying campers arranged by A THOUSAND SUMMERS


  • Review camp Packing List and collect items


  • Camp enrollment forms due to camp by May 1st


Mentor meets with camper and family one week before camp start date to verify:

  • Camp requirements in place
  • Packing List complete
  • Transportation and baggage details


  • Mentor meets with camper and family upon camper return to assist with post camp requirements
  • Camper and family complete post camp requirements within 10 days of camper’s return


  • Reapply for next summer funding