Capstone Program

What is the Capstone Program?

A THOUSAND SUMMERS is committed to empowering the young people we serve to be agents of change and create opportunities to do good in their communities.

Service provides an opportunity to become an active member of the community, learn from those we serve, and discover our ability to make a difference.

Service-learning work develops more vital social-emotional skills for the young people we serve who perform much-needed work for local organizations. Civic learning and democratic engagement in local and global contexts prepare students for meaningful work as leaders and change-makers in the 21st Century.

The Capstone Program invites older campership recipients, with their Mentor’s support, to design and lead a service project during the school year in their community. Campers maximize the impact of the personal growth and development attained through their camp experiences to make a difference and further develop leadership skills that can serve them now and in the future.

Do I qualify?

The ideal Capstone candidate would be:

  • A returning A THOUSAND SUMMERS camper
  • 15 years old at the time of camp
  • Willing to complete a service project in their community

Why should I participate?

Choosing to participate in the Capstone program will:

  • strengthen your community and provide an opportunity to give back
  • promote your personal growth and civic responsibility
  • give you experience in your chosen area
  • provide you the opportunity to test out a potential career

Capstone service hours accrued may count towards your school community service requirements.
Capstone service project outcomes and accomplishments are shared with your camp to enhance your leadership program application whether it be the CILT, CIT, Junior Counselor, or Pathfinding program.

What is expected of a Capstone Camper?

The Capstone Campership application asks the applicant to propose a potential service project idea.

If awarded a Capstone Campership, the camper will develop and implement a service project in their community during the school year. The Capstone Mentor will support the camper throughout the project.

The Capstone Student Workbook provides the structure of the program and is to be completed as part of the program requirements.

What is expected of a Capstone Mentor?

The Mentor will support the camper with:

  • service project development
  • service project implementation
  • service project reflections
  • service project presentation creation

The Capstone Program Guide is available as a resource to support the Capstone Mentor through the program.

A Capstone Coach will be available as needed to support the Mentor through the Capstone Program.

Capstone Program Schedule

September 1st
Capstone Campership Application available online


Mentor, camper and parent Information Meeting

Camper meetings

Mentor and camper meeting

PROJECT START DATE (if the project is ongoing)

April 15th

APRIL 23rd

APRIL 25th


 Capstone Project Examples

This year’s Capstone Projects provided services to over 1,500 people across the country.

Click on the images below to view examples of some of the service projects that have been completed by our campers.

Previous Projects

Human Services Projects

Webb – Sock Drive

Owen – Food Drive

MJ – Sock Drive

Kimmy – Memory Care

Esther – Donation Station

Ahzure – Senior Care

Carrick – Free Soup

Dylan – Cleaning Supply Drive

Barron – Community Garden

Theo – Caring In A Season Of COVID

Isabella – Time Well Spent With Bessie

Jean – Helping People In Need

Bella – Food For The Homeless

Jade – Spreading Love Suicide Prevention

Skyler – Care and Share

Evelyn – Cards For You

Emma and Emilee – Kids for Kids

Jade – Kickball Drive

Cesar – Nathaniel Witherell Service Project

Valerie – Toy Donation

Elle – Shiloh House Benefit Bake Sale

Skyler – Care and Share

Hetsia – Beautiful Faces

Teaching Projects

Karuna – Open Me

Cam – The Dyslexia Battle

AR – Gender Identity Education

Paula – Bringing Music To PreSchool Children

Dominic – Fishing Clinic

Willow – Kids On Top

Naeema – When Song Meets Dance

Dylan – Bye Bye Birdie

Bodhi – Classroom Artwork

Isabella – Inside the Child’s Mind

Bashwyn – Mentorship

Jose – A-Chord

Zahir – The Journey of Health

Environmental Projects

Sophia – Park Cleanup

Quinn – Recycling Modifier

Carlos – Range Cleanup

Oliver – Cleaning Up My Local Creek

Krystal – The Hydration Project

Kai – Community Clean Up

Alayna – Walls & Stalls

Savian – Strawberry Fields


Other Projects

Molly – NEDA Fundraiser

Allison – Humane Society

Liam – Humane Society Drive

Will – Get Out & Vote

Rebecca – Instrument Kits

Keishon – My Book Drive