Donor Testimonials

Alan Ater

Endowed Campership Fund Sponsor

“We recognize just how important a camp experience is for EVERY kid. We will always support (the Foundation) and we hope you will too!”

Lebor Family Foundation

Annual Grant Partners

“We want to pass (the camp experience) down to a lot more individuals than just the ones inside of our family. We are investing in kids and their future.”

Sondra Eddings

Adopt A Camper Program Sponsor

“The Adopt A Camper Program has given me a chance to (support a camper) through the camp experience. I’ve watched her develop and blossom into a wonderful young woman.”

Don Cheley

Director Emeritus, Cheley Colorado Camps

“I would appreciate it if you would join us in supporting the John Austin Cheley Foundation (A Thousand Summers) making it possible for more children to attend more camps.”

Bill LaBahn

Summit Society Member

“Join me in my lifetimes work for the Foundation. I will be designating part of my estate. I am dedicated and I hope you will be too.”

Martha & Andy Livingston

Endowed Campership Fund Sponsors

“We were privileged as children to spend our summers at camp. It is our hope to send children to camp for as long as they are able and to be an additional source of support to them into adulthood.”


Former Board Chair

“My love of Cheley started in 1943…so much of my development came out of my camp experiences. The rewards that these kids (receive) going to camp is something that you would never know unless you had the opportunity yourself.”

Shari Sigoloff

Director, Camp Thunderbird

“Help us raise the money to send as many children as possible to camp this summer and in the future.”

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