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Camper Updates

Our Campership awardees work hard and play hard at camp developing those critical 21st-century skills that will help to propel them toward a successful future. But it is not just during those precious summer weeks that they strive to better themselves. Check out these camper updates to see what some of our kids are doing during the rest of the year.

Guido D, Miami Beach FL

Guido D. from Miami Beach, FL is proud and well he should be. Following five successful summers filled with personal growth and development as an A THOUSAND SUMMERS camper at Colvig Silver Camps, Guido graduated from Miami Beach High School this fall and received a full ride to Pomona College, Claremont, CA to pursue a double major in Physics and Political Science.

We congratulate Guido and wish him every success at Pomona College.

Izabel A, Chicago IL

Izabel A. from Chicago, IL is beaming. Following a rigorous process of the scholarship application, interviews and visits to various schools, she has accepted admission to Western Reserve Academy in Hudson, Ohio.

She is on cloud nine anticipating her confirmation followed by her class trip and graduation in the spring. When she returns from Cheley Colorado Camps in July she will participate in the Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund’s high school introductory classes for High School boarding students. Immediately following that she will pack up her belongings and along with her mother take the six-hour drive to Hudson.

Izabel’s mom reflects, “I’m confident Izabel has made a sound choice for herself and that her next four years will be marked with tremendous memories. I know this wouldn’t have been possible without her stepping outside of her comfort zone and embracing the Cheley experience last year. That set the course for her desire to embark on attending a boarding school and challenging herself academically. This wouldn’t have been possible without your tremendous contributions and desire to see her excel. I can honestly say the Cheley “experience” was the springboard Izabel needed.”

Izabel is looking forward to another wonderful camp experience this year, challenging herself to new heights in all of her activities.

We congratulate Izabel and wish her every success at Western Reserve Academy.

Roger D-J, Dallas TX

Roger is loving his freshman year in high school and he’s accomplishing big things. He is academically ranked #3 out of 603 students in his freshman class. He took 1st place in Greek history at the Texas State Junior Classical League. He won an award in the National Forensics League and he was a Top 10 Test Taker at the regional level competition of DECA. Roger also participated in the Ivy League Model UN Conference in Philadelphia. He plays defenseman for his hockey team and is a starting offensive lineman (left tackle) for the football team. He also serves on the Football Leadership Council and the Principal’s Leadership Council.

Most importantly, Roger is setting a great example, standing up for the underdog, mentoring younger scouts and volunteering a great deal. We are very proud of Roger and congratulate him on all of these accomplishments!

Roger’s mom, Amy, shared her thoughts with us:

Please know we think about you guys all the time; and, we will be forever grateful for his Campership! We’re counting down the days until the best part of his year – summer camp! This experience has been a gift that will last his whole life!

-Amy D-J


Our impact is best measured through the words of our campers, parents and partners.



“Camp had a big impact on me. My friendship skills are better, I feel happier, and I can do
more. I have grown. I am better at working out problems, I am more confident, and I am a better person.”

– Sara,
2-time Campership recipient (Clearwater Camp for Girls)

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“Thank you for making this possible. You allowed me to be my best self, giving me forever friends and unforgettable memories. I feel that I can base my future on something that you opened up for me. You changed my life.”

– Cassidy,
4-time Campership recipient (Colvig Silver Camps)

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“I have become more independent because at camp where you aren’t dependent on people to do stuff for you, you are taught to do stuff for yourself and help others if possible.”

– Luke,
2-time Campership recipient (Camp Kooch-i-ching)

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“My camp friends are kind and generous souls, and they inspire me to be a better person. My counselors have taught me life lessons and mentored me not only on the trail, but in nearly every aspect of manhood.”

– Dylan,
7-time Campership recipient (Cheley Colorado Camps)

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“My experiences at camp have had a profound effect on my life. They have changed my perspective, helped me overcome fears and let me experience things that I would probably have not been able to if I had not attended. I have met people there that will not easily be forgotten and made friendships there that I hope will last a lifetime.”

– Kai,
6-time Campership recipient (Camp Kawanhee)

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“The only thing I can say is thank you. Thank you for the laughs, the friends, the sisterhood, the new experiences camp brought to me. I definitely brought camp home with me in many ways.”

– Erika,
3-time Campership recipient (Sanborn Western Camps)


“We believe that this experience afforded Kati a chance to grow and mature as a young woman independent from the safety net of her family. She had to find her own way to overcome obstacles and adversity with the support and companionship of her fellow campers and find her own voice in the process…She learned how to rely on herself when she needed to and she learned how to get along with many different personalities, enabling her to learn vital interpersonal skills and meet many new friends along the way.”

– Brigid K.

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“I am so grateful to the camp and to A Thousand Summers for the gift you have given my son. I hope you know just how much what you do changes the life of a young person, which in turn, changes the world. You have changed the path my son is on and while I don’t know where it will take him, I know it will be somewhere phenomenal!”

– Rubicela E.

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“There are not enough words to say thank you or show appreciation for what you have given my daughter, Faith. Just seeing her there with the other girls enabled me to see that camp unlocked the magical piece of her that I have never seen before and that she really needed. Without the help of the Foundation and the support of your donors this never could have happened.”

– Victoria S.


“A Thousand Summers does such an amazing job of creating partnerships that support each camper throughout the year. We feel so fortunate to work with them to provide transformational life experiences for the wonderful young people they send to camp.”

– Jane Sanborn,
Sanborn Western Camps

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“Bringing student-focused community organizations together with shared goals and values ultimately strengthens and empowers the students we collectively serve. Working with A Thousand Summers has helped our students gain access to transformative summer opportunities year after year. Our partnership has allowed us to provide more holistic support and enrichment that undoubtedly help our students continue to thrive.”

– Gina Lucas,