Our Team

From our staff and volunteers to our Board of Trustees, A THOUSAND SUMMERS has a skilled, dedicated, and passionate group of individuals willing to do whatever it takes to help change kids’ lives for the better through the summer camp experience.


Tim Lucas

Executive Director
Tel: 1.720.981.2532 ext. 101

Karen Smith

Programs Director
Tel: 1.720.981.2532 ext. 102

Alyssa Street
Alyssa Street

Development Director
Tel: 1.720.981.2532 ext. 100

Victoria Norton

Development Officer
Tel: 1.720.981.2532 ext. 104

Kristen Peterka
Kristen Peterka

Programs Coordinator
Tel: 1.720.981.2532 ext. 103

A THOUSAND SUMMERS is supported by a dedicated

nationwide community of volunteers

Board of Trustees:

Dave Brown, Chair (Ridgefield, CT)

Sara Erickson, Secy. (Kennebunk, ME)

Mike Brower, Treas. (Fort Collins, CO)

John Ceraolo (Boca Raton, FL)

Lisa Durkee (Scottsdale, AZ)

Greg Euston, (Marietta, GA)

Sara Gilbertson (Carbondale, CO)

Kirstin Gillespie (Boulder, CO)

Kim Kittle (Dallas, TX)

Sarah Littlefield (Reading, MA)

Ann McCollum (Albuquerque, NM)

Lindsay Nyquist (Durango, CO)

Luis Ochoa (New York, NY)

Francesca Sally (Atlanta, GA)

Kathy Scheu (North Hampton, NH)

Hillary Shaw (Atlanta, GA)

Teddy Shaw (Los Angeles, CA)

Brian Simmers (Houston, TX)

Terry Taylor (Denver, CO)

Eean Tyson (Denver, CO)

Will Whipple (Lawrence, KS)

“We support youth development in an extremely unique and effective manner. We are changing the lives of children by sending them to highly impactful summer camp programs across the United States. Our reach into all corners of the country proves that this organization is making a real difference for so many people. I’m really proud to be a part of such a wonderful organization! Please join me in supporting A THOUSAND SUMMERS!”

– Kirstin Sullivan,
Former Chair of the Board of Trustees

Founding Board:

Jack Chalender

Eleanor ‘Sis’ Cheley*

Bryant ‘Curly’ Denniston

Bob Dern

Homer Evans

Earl Feldman

Helen Hocker

William W. Hottel

Maridan Stanley Kassab

Hon. Nancy Kassebaum-Baker*

Anna Belle Kritser

Jack Lamkin

Bill Root

Robert W. Stafford

Virginia S. Stafford

Pat Tuohy Fenton

Jerrold Wexler

*Honorary Trustees