Mentor Program

What is a Mentor?

A THOUSAND SUMMERS is committed to providing support to campers and their families through the Mentor Program.

The Mentor provides support to the Campership applicant and their family throughout the Campership application process. They assist award recipients in preparation for camp, advising through the Capstone Service Project requirements (when applicable), and assist with post camp requirements. The Mentor plays an essential role in the ‘check and balance’ system A THOUSAND SUMMERS has developed to ensure we are serving those for whom the Campership was designed.

Mentors may be veteran volunteers for A THOUSAND SUMMERS that work within a school or partnering youth organization or a person selected by the applicant who is willing to become an A THOUSAND SUMMERS volunteer.

All A THOUSAND SUMMERS Mentors must be screened and approved by completing the Volunteer Application.

Who can become a Mentor?

Someone who is an adult professional currently working in the youth development field (teacher, school counselor, principal, youth leader, coach, scout leader, etc.) who knows the applicant well and regularly observes the applicant with his/her peers.

Someone who lives in the applicant’s geographic hometown to assist with logistics.

Someone who will be able to give up to two hours per month to support the applicant/camper family through the application process, Capstone Service Project (when applicable), camp preparation and post camp requirements over multiple years.

Someone who is NOT related to the applicant or is NOT an immediate family friend.

Someone who has completed the A THOUSAND SUMMERS Volunteer application and been approved as an A THOUSAND SUMMERS Volunteer.

What are the responsibilities of a Mentor?

A Mentor is asked to:

  • Complete the Volunteer Application the first year they serve and update contact information each new year
  • Support the Campership applicant and family through the Campership Application process
  • Complete a Mentor Statement form for applicant yearly
  • Assist awarded campers with camp enrollment and preparation for camp
  • Advise camper through the Capstone Program, when applicable
  • Assist with camper and family post-camp requirements
  • Encourage camper to reapply for next summer funding

What is the Mentor Program timeline?



  • Capstone Campership applications due October 15th


  • Renewal Campership applications due November 1st
  • Contact Capstone camper to begin support for service project, if applicable


  • First Summer Campership applications due December 1st


  • Campership decision letter and Campership Agreement emailed to the family and copied to the Mentor
  • Confirm with family that Campership Agreement was returned
  • Discuss contacting ATS to set up payment plan for family portion of tuition


  • Confirm family started camp enrollment on camp website
  • Late First Summer and Renewal Campership applications considered for waitlist


  • Discuss transportation plan to get camper to camp



  • Confirm camp enrollment complete. Due to camp by May 1st
  • Assist family with Trip & Activity Assistance and Equipment Assistance Requests due to the A THOUSAND SUMMERS Campership office by May 15th
  • Verify all travel arrangements are in place
  • Discuss method of transporting baggage to camp – either checked with airline or shipped. Schedule shipped baggage to be sent 10 days before camp start date. Click here to view Baggage Assistance Guidelines

Meet with camper and family one week before camp start date to verify:

  • Camp requirements in place
  • Packing List complete
  • Transportation and baggage details


  • Meet with camper and family upon camper return to assist with post camp requirements due within 10 days of camper’s return


  • Encourage camper to reapply for next summer funding

How do I apply to be a Mentor?