Training Academy

Do you want to learn more about A THOUSAND SUMMERS? Would you like to investigate the programs that we offer? Do you need a guide to help you navigate the Campership Program application process?

You can learn about these and more for free by enrolling in A THOUSAND SUMMERS Training Academy.

A THOUSAND SUMMERS Training Academy currently offers the following courses:


  • About A THOUSAND SUMMERS – An introduction to A THOUSAND SUMMERS, explaining who we are, what we do, and why we do it.
  • A THOUSAND SUMMERS Programs – An overview of the programs A THOUSAND SUMMERS offers.
  • A THOUSAND SUMMERS Mentor Program – An in-depth look at A THOUSAND SUMMERS Mentor Program.
  • Campership Program Application Process – An in-depth guide to navigating A THOUSAND SUMMERS Campership Program application process.
  • Camp Enrollment Process – An in-depth guide to navigating the camp enrollment process.
  • Camp Preparation Process – An in-depth guide to preparing a camper for their camp experience.