Getting Ready For Camp

Over 100 kids from across the country are getting excited about new friends and new experiences at camp this summer!

Karen Smith, JACF Director of Programs, has been busy making travel arrangements for our campers. She has put together great packets for campers full of packing lists, luggage tags, a JACF t-shirt, and all kinds of helpful information about preparing for camp. There is a lot of work involved in getting over 100 kids to camp and making sure they are all ready to make the most of their experience. This monumental effort wouldn’t happen without Karen!

Karen Smith putting together final packets of information for our 2019 campers

JACF mentors, like Gemma Cremers from Metro Achievement Center for Girls in Chicago, IL, are helping their campers get prepared and pack their duffel bags. Jackie, Alemi, Jade, and Julissa, are counting down the days before they are off on their awesome adventures.

JACF mentor, Gemma Cremers (center) together with her mentees,
Jackie, Alemi, Jade and Julissa

Our camps are making the final preparations and are ready to welcome our JACF kids into their camp communities.

As we gear up for our 86th camp season in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, we are so excited to welcome our campers – girls and young women from across the country— to the shores of Tomahawk Lake where they will find adventure, try new things, laugh, sing, grow and learn. They will develop skills such as problem-solving, communication, working with different people, creativity, compassion, flexibility, and so much more.

We are so fortunate to once again partner with the John Austin Cheley Foundation who is providing the Clearwater experience to eight campers this summer. We are extremely grateful to work together to make a difference in the lives of young women who will make a difference in our world.

Liz Baker, Executive Director, Clearwater Camp for Girls
Clearwater Camp for Girls, Minocqua, WI

Paula and Rebecca are headed to Clearwater Camp for Girls. They and their parents are excited about the opportunities they will have to make new friends and have new adventures.

Paula, 12, from Naperville, IL
“I am very excited to spend another summer at Clearwater Camp. I enjoy exploring new places and being adventurous. The thing that most interests me about going back to camp is seeing my friends. I am not looking forward to bathing in the lake so much, but I am looking forward to sharing a cabin with the other girls!”

Paula, 12, from Naperville, IL


“Paula loves going to summer camp. Each year she gains new skills. comes to new realizations, makes new friends, and grows as a person. This summer I would love to see her not only grow as a person but grow as a leader.”

Betsy, Paula’s mother

Rebecca, 12, from Miami, FL
“I am very excited to spend four weeks at Clearwater Camp and be in the outdoors. I love a new challenge and I love traveling and experiencing new things and new adventures in a different setting. I also like to make friends. I am a little bit nervous about getting homesick, but I imagine that camp is like a family, we will love each other.”

Rebecca, 12, from Miami, FL


“Our daughter is really inquisitive, she loves new experiences and learning new things. She will love activities outdoors. We try to travel with our limited resources and she reacts very well when we have been away from home. I am confident that she will be able to adapt, make new friends, resolve problems and have a good time.”

Pablo, Rebecca’s father

Camp Kawanhee for Boys in Weld, Maine, is also excited to welcome our JACF campers.

Camp Kawanhee is a better place with the contributions the campers from the John Austin Cheley Foundation make each summer. They are always an appreciative group and we are appreciative of them! As we approach our 100th year, we hope this partnership will continue to enrich our camp community. We are really looking forward to welcoming thirteen campers from JACF this summer to the shores of Webb Lake nestled in the shadow of Tumbledown Mountain.”

Liz Standen, Director, Camp Kawanhee for Boys
Camp Kawanhee for Boys, Weld, ME
Tomas, 14, from Miami Beach, FL
“I am really excited to go back to Camp Kawanhee and to be in the wilderness for another 4 weeks because it is a sort of escape for me. I come from a populated city and whenever I get the chance to see an untouched location, I like to appreciate it. I am a little nervous because I don’t often leave my family for long periods of time, but over the past 2 years of going to camp I have gotten more comfortable by myself and I am confident that I will have a great time.”

Tomas, 14, from Miami, FL


“From the moment Tomas came home from camp last summer, he was talking about the possibility of returning to Camp Kawanhee. I am not nervous about the experience because I know he enjoys it, and camp has made him so much more mature.”

Stella, Tomas’ mother

Diego, 12, from Chicago, IL
“I am looking forward to going to Camp Kawanhee. When I experience new things, I feel good because I can tell someone that I did something that I’ve never done before. I feel very happy because I get to do things that I’m not at all used to doing. I’m looking forward to exploring nature and camping.”

Diego, 12, from Chicago, IL


“Diego has a strong interest in discovering and learning about new places. He loves to explore and try new things. At first, Diego may get a bit homesick but he makes friends easily and will quickly adjust to a new environment. Once settled in, I anticipate that he will make the most out of the opportunity.”

Carlos, Diego’s father

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