Most of life’s greatest lessons are learned outside the classroom walls


Camp is one of the most enjoyable ways for kids to spend the summer. But is it only about enjoyment, or can summer camp be a place where some of life’s great lessons can be learned?

A quality summer camp has the ability to teach skills for life, including resilience, critical thinking, social & emotional intelligence, creativity, and leadership. These are the specific skills that young people will need to succeed in the 21st century, and have been identified by companies & other major institutions as necessary attributes for future success.

Summer camp creates the opportunity for children to discover lifelong lessons and improve their self-confidence and independence; to build trust and create challenges that foster the development of skills, strategy and teamwork; as well as the chance to teach and guide other children, building leadership skills in planning, communicating, goal setting, time management, negotiating and counseling.

These skills of leadership can be acquired through practice. Leadership is neither inbred nor intuitive. Our associate camps put campers through practiced exercises where leadership is required, encouraging and supporting them in continual improvement. We believe in the power of the outdoor experience because it’s fun, physically challenging, and rewarding. These carefully selected leadership programs use a small-team approach where everyone gets the attention they need and the opportunity to engage and improve. They apply a systemic approach to leadership development, encouraging repeated exposure and practice.

Our associate camps are faithful to their long traditions, but they are also skilled youth development organizations who understand that today’s young people are living in an increasingly complex world. The summer camp experience is not simply about provide a fun experience for children during the summer months. We align high quality summer camps that are creating intentional and engaging programs that impact the course of the child’s future.

To lean more about the specific leadership programs at some of our associate camps click on the links below:

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