Camp Teaches 21st Century College, Career and Life Skills

Summer Camp is the ultimate “depth of knowledge” environment for teaching 21st Century college, career and life skills:

“College and Career Ready” has become the focus of much current education policy. This focus for k-12 education is on the actual skills and knowledge students will need, whether for work or further education. However, this focus does miss another critical goal of education–preparing the next generation of citizens. Just as our workplaces need new employees who can critically think, creatively problem solve, collaborate, and communicate, so these skills are essential to a healthy, vibrant civic life. 21st C Skills

The answers lie in “the 3 C’s”:

– Critical Thinking & Problem Solving – Creativity & Innovation – Communication & Collaboration

Today’s biggest, most successful businesses in the USA seek in their new hires:

– Flexibility & Adaptability – Initiative & Self Direction – Social & Cross-Cultural Skills – Productivity & Accountability – Leadership & Responsibility

This is where the SUMMER CAMP experience comes into play!

– Parents sign up their children for Summer Camp, children anticipate it for the upcoming months, having inner-conversations, keeping their emotions in check, and imagining what it will be like. (teaching: self-control, emotional control, self-distraction) – Children travel to camp independently, or get dropped off at Camp, breaking free of their parents and embarking on exciting new experiences. (teaching: independence, initiative, courage, optimism) – Children become part of a group/bunk at Camp, sharing responsibilities and working together, all while being a good person. (teaching: teamwork, responsibility, accountability, integrity) – Children participate in activities throughout their day; they try new things, listen to the staff members, and push themselves and their peers to new heights. (teaching: aspiration, curiosity, respect, leadership) – Children experience the ups and downs of making and keeping friendships. (teaching: integrity, communication, adaptability, patience) (Source: The Partnership for 21st Century Skills ( & Liberty Lake Camp)

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