5 Reasons Why Every Child Should Go To Summer Camp: #1 To Improve Interpersonal Skills

In an interpersonal world we are often faced with issues involving communication, empathy, understanding, self-awareness—or more precisely, a skill set associated with emotional intelligence (EQ). It just so happens that emotional competencies also translate extremely well to the professional world. And the best part? These skills can be learned.

Psychologists have been studying emotional intelligence for a long time, and the business world has started to pay attention to their findings, and is beginning to care about an employee’s EQ.

One study followed the hiring of sales agents for L’Oreal on the basis of certain emotional competencies. These agents outsold other salespeople by $91,370 for a net revenue increase of $2,558,360. If that weren’t enough, the high EQ employees had 63% less turnover during the first year than those selected in the typical manner.

In a separate study, a national insurance company found that sales agents who were weak in emotional competencies such as self-confidence, initiative, and empathy sold policies with an average premium of $54,000. Not bad, right? Well, compared to agents who scored high in a majority of emotional competencies, they sold policies worth an average of $114,000.

In a third international study of 515 senior executives, emotional intelligence was a better predictor of success than either relevant previous experience or high IQ.

Q  So what can a business owner do to boost emotional intelligence?

Look at candidates who have been to summer camp!

“Why, what is so special about people who have been to summer camp?” you might ask…

The answer lies in the first of our 5 reasons why EVERY child should go to summer camp:

REASON #1: To Improve Interpersonal Skills & Form Close Friendships

Interacting effectively with other people is one of the most important skills children learn at camp. How do we know? Because 85% of our campers and 89% of their parents told us so!

In the unplugged, noncompetitive camp culture, teens build up their “emotional intelligence” (EQ), their face-to-face communication and relationship skills. Why are these interpersonal skills so important? Because 21st-century employers need people who can communicate, collaborate, and cooperate with others.


Why Every Child Should Go To Summer Camp (1)



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