Capstone Project: Bella – Food For The Homeless


Bella V has attended Camp Thunderbird as a JACF camper for 3 years.  Bella is 14 years old and lives in Chicago, IL.

Bella organized her friends to cook a meal at the homeless shelter near her school. She met with the shelter director to decide what day would be appropriate for her to complete her service, and she explored ways in which to raise the funds necessary to purchase the ingredients for the meals she prepared.

Skills Utilized:

Perseverance, environmental and social awareness, planning, time management, organization, leadership and building relationships.

“From the last 2 years I have grown so much that I improved many skills like leadership and independence. As a person I became more caring and improved my listening skills. These qualities will help me accomplish my service project of helping others and bringing them some joy. An attribute about myself that can improve as a result of completing my service project would be time management and priorities.”

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