Camp-To-Camp Hike

This summer we did not want a pandemic to stop us from making it to camp. So we created a virtual Camp-To-Camp Hike for our 105 campers, their families and mentors, our alumni board, staff and trustees to join together as a team to complete.

Each team member found different ways to get active and their activity was converted into miles. By logging their daily activity they added to the team’s progress and moved us further along our route.

Starting at Camp Kawanhee in Weld, ME our route took us to:

Clearwater Camp in Minocqua, WI

Camp Kooch-i-ching and Ogichi Daa Kwe in International Falls, MN

Camp Thunderbird in Bemidji, MN

Then on to Colorado where we visited Colvig Silver Camps in Durango and Sanborn Western Camps in Florissant before finishing in Estes Park under the welcome sign at Cheley Camps.


We Made It!

We are so excited to announce that with your help we have achieved our goal of raising $5,000 and have therefore triggered the match from one of our Board members! That means that our Camp-To-Camp Hike has supported TWO Camperships for summer 2021.

Our hikers have also successfully covered the 3,367 mile hike and reached Cheley Camps in Estes Park, CO. A Thousand Summers Executive Director, Tim Lucas was fortunate to be joined by a small group who, in a socially distanced manner were able to represent all of our campers who participated and finish the race at Cheley Colorado Camps. Jeff Cheley of Cheley Camps was there to welcome us and help celebrate! CLICK ON THE VIDEO BELOW TO TAKE A LOOK.


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  1. Wow! Keep hiking! This is a wonderful way to connect this summer! I’m so glad to have know many “A Thousand Summer” campers over the years!

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