Corporate Support

Companies and brands that share our values can play a pivotal role in supporting the expansion and reach of our programs. By working together we are able to make a significant impact on the lives of the youth we serve and the communities to which they belong, while at the same time supporting the business and social goals of these vital partners. By establishing these partnerships, we are able to offer a way for companies to engage their employees more deeply and forge their paths as leaders and as champions of the communities they operate within.

Companies and brands are able to partner with us through individual donations, grant-making, or program sponsorship. Additional sponsorship opportunities are available to meet the variety of commitments companies are interested to make. 

Endowed campership icon

$5,000 COMPASS Program Sponsor

Annual sponsorship of the Compass Program – to foster meaningful relationships for youth and guide them to navigate their lives with a sense of belonging and purpose.

$10,000 CAMP BANK Sponsor

Annual sponsorship of our Camp Bank – to provide the financial resource that allows each camper access to products and services available in the camp store.

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$25,000 TRAVEL Program Sponsor

Annual headline sponsorship of the Campership Travel Program – to ensure that all campership recipients, irrespective of their location, can choose to attend any of the high-quality summer camps we offer.

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$50,000 Campership Program Sponsor

Annual headline sponsorship of the Campership Program – to ensure that transformational wilderness adventure summer camp programs are available to all children, irrespective of their background.

Contact Alyssa Street, Development Director, to learn about all of the ways a partnership can benefit your company.


Alyssa Street
Development Director
1.720.981.2532 ext 100