Starry Nights Gala Videos

Our 25th Anniversary Gala was a storming success. Our sincere thanks to the Denver Botanic Gardens, our special guest speakers Rue Mapp, Jason Ritter and JACF camper Luis Ochoa, and everyone who came out on a beautiful September evening to support our cause and share in the celebrations. Most of all, thank you to the tireless work behind the scenes of the Gala Committee chaired by Bill LaBahn and supported by so many of our amazing volunteers.


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JACF Camper Luis Ochoa Delivers his Speech

Starry Nights Gala

Registration is closed as we make final preparations for the 400+ guests who will join us in celebrating our 25th Anniversary on September 27th at Denver’s Botanic Gardens.


We have a full program of events including a silent auction, special guest speakers from across the country, including Rue Mapp, founder and CEO of ‘Outdoor Afro‘. Cheley alum and Hollywood TV and movie actor/producer Jason Ritter is our MC for the evening!



Rue Mapp

Jason Ritter



Check out these photos from our recent preparations…


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Thanks to everyone for supporting our great cause, and here’s to a great night!



Summer 2014 – it’s official…it’s a HIT!

96 JACF campers completed their summers at our 6 associate camps and the photos and reflections are pouring it. We are so grateful to our amazing Mentors for all of their hard work to support our campers throughout the year (campers…don’t forget to thank your Mentor!). Our thanks to Karen Smith for pulling it all together. Her work behind the scenes is invaluable. And to our donors of course, a HUGE thank you. Without you none of this would be possible. Here are some photos for you to enjoy.

Check out some of the comments our campers sent us about their summer experience at Twitter #CamperReflections


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Camp Visit to Sanborn Western Camps

Members of the JACF staff and Board of Trustees recently conducted a visit to Sanborn Western Camps in Florissant, CO and what an experience it was! As a part of our ongoing quality control, we evaluate our associate camps on a regular basis before offering to renew our association. An important part of that process is the site visit. Thanks to the visit team of Debbie Leibold (Board President), Buffie Berger (Executive Director), Mike ‘Saybo’ Seybold and Tim Lucas (seen here with JACF campers Luis and DeJuan); and our thanks to Jane Sanborn and her amazing staff.