Capstone Program

Our Capstone Program invites our older campers to bring positive change to their communities by designing and leading a local service project. Through coaching and support, this program provides the opportunity for campers to maximize the impact of the personal development attained through their camp experiences, to make a difference and further develop leadership skills that can be used now and in the future. We are committed to empowering the young people we serve to be agents of change and create opportunities to do good in their communities.


I have learned many different things during this project but 3 of the most important things that this project has shown me is leadership, communication, and team work. This project has shown me that just one person can make a huge difference. I learned that sometimes the simplest things are the most effective things in life.

Program Guidelines & Application


The Capstone Program allows the 15-year-old JACF camper the opportunity to maximize the impact of personal development attained through camp experiences by creating and implementing a high-quality service project that serves their home community between January and April with the support of their JACF Mentor.  


The Capstone Campership Program is for the JACF Applicant who will be 15 years old at the time of the camp session.  


Capstone Campership Applications are due no later than October 15th.


  • Capstone Program service projects strengthen the camper’s community and provide an opportunity to give back
  • Capstone Program service projects promote personal growth and civic responsibility
  • Capstone Program service projects give camper’s professional experience and an opportunity  to test out a potential career
  • Capstone Program service hours accrued may count towards school community service requirements
  • JACF shares Capstone Camper Program outcomes and accomplishments with Associate Camp to enhance leadership program applications (CILT/CIT/JC/Pathfinding).


The Capstone Campership Applicant will complete the Service Project Proposal form within the Capstone Campership Application.

If awarded a Capstone Campership, the Capstone Camper will develop and implement their service project in their community between January and April with the support of their JACF Mentor.  The JACF Capstone Program Guide and Toolkit will be available for the camper and Mentor to navigate the project requirements.


The JACF Mentor will support the Capstone camper with the following, as needed:

  • Service project development
  • Service project implementation
  • Reflection
  • Service project digital presentation

A JACF Capstone Coach will be available as needed to support the Mentor through the Capstone Program.  JACF will supply the Mentor a Capstone Toolkit with documents to support the project requirements.


Thank you for your interest in applying for a JACF Capstone Campership.

The Capstone Campership Program is for the JACF Applicant who will be 15 years old at the time of the camp session.  Capstone Campership Applications are due no later than October 15th.

step 1 buttonCollect Mentor Contact Information

Collect the following contact information from your Mentor to have on hand as you complete the initial stages of the JACF application:

  • Mentor first and last name
  • Mentor mailing address
  • Mentor email address
  • Mentor phone number

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Complete the Capstone Campership Application

As a previous Campership Award winner, you must submit an application for a new Award by logging in to your previous account and completing the application.

You are NOT required to submit new references.

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2019 Capstone Projects

The Capstone Projects completed this year by our campers provided services to over 1500 people in their local communities. 

Click on the project images below to view the project descriptions and presentations.

Previous Projects

Previous Projects


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Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 12.38.52 PM


Donovan B – Trail Cleaning Project


My project was good and beneficial to me and my community. The first day we collected 500 pounds of trash. The 2nd day more people showed up…we found around 300 pounds of glass alone. The 3rd day was the best in my opinion because we found a couch and it was so fun to get it up and out of the area. The 4th day was the last but we just did a sweep of the area and made sure we got everything that we missed including the glass that was EVERYWHERE!

 Stella M – Beach Clean Up Project:

For the past few months I have been working alongside my mentor, Karen, to organize a beach cleanup. This cleanup was no ordinary beach cleanup. It was a cleanup started by me to aid my community. The beaches in FL are constantly being covered in trash. These beautiful beaches aren’t so beautiful now. With constant littering, trash is strewn all over the beach sometimes going into the ocean and harming many sea animals. I wanted to do this project so I (and others) can enjoy the beach to its full extent, help raise awareness on the effect of littering and how its affecting our environment, and help to protect our endangered ocean species. I hope that by doing these weekly beach cleanups, they will help people realize the great danger they are putting not only onto themselves but nature as well.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 3.36.08 PM

Completing this Capstone Project will continue to benefit my community and encourage others to take care of theirs as well. I have truly learned so much from this experience. These beach cleanups will hopefully open the eyes to people on how badly we are treating the earth. I appreciate all those who have helped me to finish this project and all that I have learned.